sidewalk arts festival // calling savannah home


Out of all of the places I've traveled to, cities I've seen, & cultures I've been immersed in, Savannah is the only place, other than my hometown, that has given me a sense of belonging. And one thing I'm starting to realize is that your hometown and your home, might make you feel two completely different types of belonging. When I think of Orlando, I think of comfort. I think of my old house on Rice Lake Loop, dinner around the table with my family, the trails & neighborhoods I would run on a hot summer afternoon, the restaurants I frequented growing up, driving down Markham Woods road to my boyfriends house, late night gelato runs to Jeremiahs, and the high school girl who dreamt of being surrounded by creativity and newness. And when I think of Savannah, I think of just that. I think of the future, the sudden bursts of inspiration I get when picnicking at forsyth with a friend, I think of morning runs, afternoons listening to my favorite playlists while working on design projects, saturday morning farmers markets, a community of fellow classmates and local business owners that create and inspire and foster growth. I think of it as a place I'm going to look back on and say "this is where it all began."

Today, at Forsyth Park, was the 36th annual Sidewalk Arts Festival. If you haven't heard of it, it's an event that's hosted by SCAD where high school students, scad students, and alumni cover the squares of the sidewalk surrounding the park with colorful and creative chalk drawings. I was busy for the first few hours of it, but I got to stop by later in the day and it was truly such an amazing sight. It was one of those experiences for me where I was not only proud to call the creators of the awesome art around me my classmates, but also to be a part of a community that supports art and music and culture and thrives off of gatherings like today. Everyone from tourists, to parents and family of SCAD students, to local businesses and residents attended and to see that kind of community and actually feel like you're a part of something, is a pretty rad feeling.

Savannah and it's small town events like this makes me feel like I have a purpose, a support system, potential to grow as a creative, and a place to gain inspiration from. I feel like this is where I'm meant to begin my career & in a way, I feel like this place feels more like home now to me than my hometown. How lucky am I to have found a place to start the next chapter of my life in, knowing whole-heartedly it'll help me better myself and get to where I want to be in life?

Ok, enough of the sort-of deep, amanda in her feels, talk. Here's some pictures of the sick art that went down today:

 Look at all the freakin' colors, man!!! This right here is why I love Savannah. This is why I call Savannah home.