blue ridge, ga


I've always loved to travel and go on road trips, so when a new friend from school asked me if I wanted to go on a hiking trip in Blue Ridge, GA with her a few weeks ago, I didn't even think before immediately replying "YES!" to her text. I would say I'm a pretty adventurous person in the way that I love exploring new places and trying new activities, restaurants, ideas, and food. However, before this weekend, I never truly had been on a proper "adventure." Sure, I've been on road trips or taken vacations full of fun activities, but this past weekend was the first time I explored a new place, with a new friend, and had no set plan or itinerary. It was the first time I drove around aimlessly and stumbled upon trails or fields of wildflowers off of winding roads. I learned more than a few things on this trip; one being that adventures are good for the soul. And two being that going on those adventures with an open mind, zero expectations, and no set plan or itinerary is the key to experiencing that true feeling of wonder. That feeling of being in awe over how the mountain tops greet the horizon line, walking into the cutest local cafe and smelling freshly brewed coffee, realizing how abundant and luscious the trees are, looking out at the crystal blue lake water and watching how the sun dances on top of the ripples that the boat wake creates, and breathing in the smell of pine cones and green grass and tree sap. I'd have to say that road tripping to a foreign place with a good pal full of beautiful scenery, eventful days, and everlasting memories was the highlight of my Spring quarter at SCAD. My love for Georgia, nature, and serendipitous finds grew immensely in these past 3 days and I'm already itching for another adventure.

Blue Ridge, GA: May 19th-21th

Our trip to Blue Ridge included everything from hiking through forests, pulling over to walk through wildflower fields, capturing photos of waterfalls, and kayaking on the most beautiful lake I've ever laid eyes on, to getting drunk on homemade hard apple cider from an apple farm, getting a flat tire on top of a mountain with no cell service and flagging down a plumber in a truck to change it for us, and exploring the historic downtown area trying mini maple bacon donuts, homemade watermelon margaritas, and IPA beer that was way too hoppy for our liking. It's safe to say, it was a weekend for the books! Check out my photo journal below & all the rad places we visited during our trip:

Fall Branch Falls

Wildflower Fields

Btw, this is my cute friend Sophie who I experienced the simple beauty of Blue Ridge with, hover over her name & give her a follow y'all!

Look out for a travel video of our entire trip SOON! Til next time...